Moon River

Moon River on a sunny day.


Located in the municipalities of Georgian Bay and Muskoka Lakes, Moon River flows from the shores of Lake Muskoka – in Bala – through a series of portages and eventually out to Georgian Bay.

Activities along Moon River

With approximately eight kilometres of navigable water, The Moon offers hidden coves ideal for paddlers, while the larger bays call to water skiers and wakeboarders. In addition, one will find natural sandy beaches along its shores, spectacular Precambrian rock shelves and dramatic granite cliffs.

Late spring to early fall is the perfect time to cruise along the shoreline, drop your fishing rod into the water and see what you reel in. Northern pike, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass swim in the waters of Moon River, so it will most definitely be one of those.

Visitors in the area often spend the day lounging around Moon River Falls or Bala Falls, taking a dip in the calm waters or spreading out on the rocks to soak up the rays. The view is impressive, and when tired of relaxing under the warm sun, a quick hike while taking in the sights and sounds is a fantastic idea.

If you are looking for calm, clean water to swim or sail in, Moon River features large bays and smaller coves on the north and south ends of the river. Woods Bay in the north is an excellent choice before Georgian Bay’s more prominent open waters. So launch your boat from Woods Bay Marine or Moon Bay Marine and sail around Fritz Island, or move south and check out Moon River Bay. And no visit to the river would be complete without a look at the Moon River Chutes. Relaxing and reflective, the Chutes are genuinely magnificent. Close your eyes and listen. The world, indeed, seems to stand still.

Exploring the area

And when you’ve relaxed and experienced the serenity around you, a healthy dose of friendly competition is just what you need. The Moon River Properties Association is an organization dedicated to preserving the quality of life on the water. In addition, the association is also very keen on celebrating with fun and camaraderie. During the summer, they held events such as a Father’s Day Fishing Derby, a Dock Dress Up Competition, an annual summer Regatta and a Golf Tournament at The Fairways at Kirrie Glen.

These are just a few great reasons to visit or invest in property on Moon River.

Official NameMoon River
Local NameBala Reach
MunicipalityTownship of Muskoka Lakes
Drainage BasinMoon River, Musquash River
Latitude/Longitude45.025 N 79.642 W
Physical Features
Surface Area (km)3.07
Elevation (m asl)225
Mean Depth (m)
Maximum Depth (m)
Perimeter (km)
Island Shoreline (km)
Clarity (m)
Land Use and Development
Crown Land (%)10
Provincial Parksnone
Shoreline Developmenthigh
Accesspublic; boat launch and public docks in Bala
Water Level Managementregulated; water level is controlled by Ontario Power Generation owned and operated dams at Swift Rapids Generating Station and Moon River control dam; flows and levels are governed by the Muskoka River Water Management Plan
Fish Species
Major Fish Speciesnorthern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, walleye

Other Fish Species
brown bullhead, emerald shiner, hornyhead chub, logperch, longnose dace, pumpkinseed, rock bass, white sucker, yellow perch, rainbow smelt