Morrison Lake

An early spring sunset over Morrison Lake and reflecting in the water.


Morrison Lake is always a great choice if you are looking for a cottage in Muskoka. Conveniently located 23 kilometres southwest of Gravenhurst, Morrison Lake is slightly rounded, providing most cottages with excellent views. It has a more sandy shoreline than most lakes in the area. The lake feeds from a river flowing from Muldrew Lake, and at the south end, a stream flows into the Severn River; over 5% of the shoreline is environmentally protected land. The lake offers a fantastic cottage experience with nearby access to many amenities.

Activities on the lake

Suppose you are looking for an out-of-the-way, relaxing cottage experience in Muskoka; this is the place for you. Morrison Lake offers gorgeous sunset views from almost any part of the lake, and its average size means there is plenty of room to tour around in your boat, kayak or canoe. In addition, you want to take advantage of the view you get from cruising around Mile Island, the largest of the many islands dotted throughout the lake. So head down to North Morrison Lake Road, where you’ll find a public boat launch and the perfect start to your Morrison Lake adventure.

Enjoy the breathtaking view from your dock while sipping cocktails, or enjoy a late-night dip. Relax, rejuvenate and de-stress. Now you’re in the “cottage zone.” Just imagine the sandy shore, perfect for all ages to enjoy; swimming and endless hours of playing in the sand. You can even explore the islands or ride a bicycle around the lake.

Fishing on Morrison Lake

Anglers will appreciate the weedy area behind Mile Island, which is why it is a favourite fishing site. After launching your boat from the boat launch on North Morrison Lake Road, why not drop your line in the water and try your hand at fishing? Common fish species inhabiting the lake include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskellunge and northern pike. You may, however, even see brown bullhead, golden shiner, white sucker or yellow perch on your line.

Exploring the area

After a beautiful day unwinding or out on the water, you may feel like venturing into town. Why not head to the Muskoka Steamship and Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst, where you can check out an exhibit or cruise on a historic ship? Or take in a few rounds of golf at the Muskoka Bay Golf Course, rated one of the Top 10 in Canada.

Your dream cottage is waiting for you on Morrison Lake.

Official NameMorrison Lake
MunicipalityTown of Gravenhurst
Drainage BasinSevern River
Latitude/Longitude44.8711 N 79.4539 W
Physical Features
Surface Area (km)2.49
Elevation (m asl)229
Mean Depth (m)4
Maximum Depth (m)18
Perimeter (km)11
Island Shoreline (km)8
Clarity (m)3.5
Land Use and Development
Crown Land (%)5
Provincial ParksMorrison Lake Wetland Conservation Reserve
Shoreline Developmenthigh; shoreline residential, commercial
Accesspermitted; North Morrison Lake Road off Southwood Road
Water Level Managementnot regulated
Fish Species
Major Fish Speciessmallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike

Other Fish Species
brown bullhead, golden shiner, pumpkinseed, cisco (lake herring), white sucker, rock bass, trout-perch, yellow perch, spottail shiner, bluegill