Three Mile Lake (Armour)

The morning sun rises, revealing fog and a chair sits on a partially submerged dock beside Three Mile Lake.


Welcome to Three Mile Lake (Armour), located in the Almaguin Highlands region, just outside Burk’s Falls in the Parry Sound District. This beautiful location is 30 minutes north of Huntsville and 60 minutes south of North Bay. 

Activities on the lake

If you love boating and fishing, Three Mile Lake – Armour is perfect for smaller watercraft. Experience the thrill of water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding or enjoy a more peaceful paddle in your canoe or kayak around Garden Island. After some exercise, drop your fishing rod and see what you can catch. You may find brook trout, northern pike, burbot, smallmouth bass, walleye, or largemouth bass in Three Mile Lake – Armour. 

For those who prefer calmer activities, take a dip in the clear blue waters, jump off the dock, or relax on a floating island. Additionally, there are two small bays that offer secluded areas for swimming. Check out the smaller cove at the northwestern tip near Sandy Cove Drive or the larger cove on the eastern part of the lake near Skyline Drive. 

Exploring the area

If you want to explore the surrounding area, Doe Lake Municipal Park is just a short drive away. This park is perfect for a family outing, with a paved boat launch, a public beach, picnic tables, a BBQ pit, restrooms, and plenty of sports facilities. After a day of fun on the water, take a trip to Burk’s Falls, where you can find groceries, great local food trucks, local museums, and much more.

Official NameThree Mile Lake
Local NamesHodson Lake
County/DistrictParry Sound
MunicipalityTownship of Armour
Drainage BasinMagnetawan River
Latitude/Longitude45.592 N -79.311 W
Physical Features
Surface Area (km)3.60
Elevation (m asl)346
Mean Depth (m)4
Maximum Depth (m)7.9
Perimeter (km)12.7
Island Shoreline (km)3.3
Clarity (m)5.5
Land Use and Development
Crown Land (%)0
Provincial Parksnone
Shoreline Developmentintense; shoreline residential
Accesspublic; boat launch on Three Mile Lake Road; limited parking
Water Level Managementnot regulated
Fish Species
Major Fish Speciesbrook trout, northern pike, burbot, smallmouth bass, walleye, largemouth bass

Other Fish Species
cisco (lake herring), white sucker, brown bullhead, yellow perch